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Oklahoma Skies #7: Sunset & a 500 year-old Blogpost

There are approximately a thousand pictures on my iPhone of the Oklahoma skies. Apparently, I’m infatuated with them. Some days, they can be fairly spectacular. We might not have much here in tornado alley, but more often than not the skies are saturated in a range of glorious colors. 


Today marks the 500th anniversary of church reformer, Martin Luther and his ‘blog post’ of 95 Theses.

Luther nailed his post to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517. His ‘blog post’ would change the Christian church forever. Happy Reformation Day! 


Sunset – December 16, 2016



As a bonus, I wanted to share Martin Luther’s famous hymn “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” that he wrote in testament to the work of God Almighty in his life. Hope you enjoy!  



  1. I had no idea today marks the anniversary of Luther’s 95 Thesis. I studied him extensively in grad school. Kicking off the Reformations and waking up the church was a good thing but he was not a good man.

    • Luther was complex! All he wanted was a debate but God had other plans.

      • He was also a hateful man. Have you ever read his treaties on Jews and Muslims? Hard to read them and see him as follower of Christ. He had a difficult upbringing and dealt with parental disapproval. He was also an alcoholic. His idea was not to divide the church; however, the timely invention of the printing press created the perfect storm to kick off the reformations. He certainly earned his prominent place in history but most people don’t truly understand who he was a person.

        • Yes! We were just talking about his treaties w our teens who are in AP Euro & study the reformation. Plus our church did a class on church history & all the good and the ugly was discussed concerning Luther. It’s hard to reconcile w being a follower of Christ. God knows a mans heart but still from my personal perspective it’s difficult loving some of the hymns he wrote but having an aversion to his viewpoint. At least we have him to thank for the first English translation of the Bible.

        • Oh no! I meant German translation of Bible. I have English stuck in my brain.

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