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Special Delivery

Twenty seven minutes ago, the door bell rang and there stood one of my all-time favorite people.

Dressed from head to toe like a miniature blue Santa with fur lined cap and soot-covered boots,

she had sprung from a shiny, package laden sleigh,

across the lawn and unto the porch making just a slight clatter (I know, cause the dog barked)

Gracefully balancing a box with the festive red label “Adult Signature Required”,

She quickly checked her list once and then twice,

cause I’ve been both naughty and nice.

And with a deft scan of my name and a hurried ‘good day’

she bounded back to her truck

to drive swiftly away.

I love seeing the FedEx and UPS trucks drive into my culs-de-sac. Especially in December. Just makes my heart race cause it usually means good things are on the way. This time it was a hefty bottle of Yao Ming Brut Sparkling Wine from a fellow wine blogger. Very Merry indeed! 




  1. Cool! Are you doing the wine exchange with the Drunk Cyclist?

    • I wasn’t able to this year but it is a lot of fun.

      • I’ve done it twice – I sent out an Erba wine Napa. They live next door to me but their vineyard burned down. So sad, and I don’t know what they’re going to do. And I sent out a wine from Hidden Ridge in Sonoma. The woman who started the vineyard is the daughter of my husband’s employers here in Enid. Although her husband just died so I don’t know if she’s still running things. Both incredible wines. And people from Enid!

        • Enid’s the winemaker hideaway! Sorry to hear about your friends vineyard. So much loss lately. Hopefully they will be able to recover. BTW, I was just in your neck of the woods to visit dear friends and we went to lunch at Napoli’s. Have you eaten there? It was a pleasant place & nice wine list. I need to get up there more often!

          • I’ve only eaten then when we’ve had our grand daughter with us, so it was lunch with no wine. It’s in a cool old building. Call me up next time you’re here!

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