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Happy National Sangria Day! Celebrating with Aime Ruca Malen wines

Today is National Sangria Day.

It’s seems a bit out of place having it on December 20th since Sangria is a festive libation I think of mainly in the summer months. However, as I was contemplating this unusual placement, a memory floated back to me of my mother and the holiday gatherings she hosted way back when we lived in Colorado. I’m not sure if it was just a Colorado thing or because it was easy to make and looked festive on the table but mom would often mix up a berry delicious pitcher of Sangria to serve alongside holiday hors d’oeuvres brought by friends and neighbors. Her sangria seemed to appeal to everyone and the evidence was always an empty pitcher at the end of the party.

To celebrate the day, I was invited by Gregory White PR and Bodegas Ruca Malen to mix up a pitcher of Sangria with a couple bottles from their new wine collection Aimé Ruca Malen.  I’m all for starting our holiday break with good cheer. Bodegas Ruca Malen is from Mendoza, Argentina, a wine region well known for producing marvelous Malbec. However, Aimé Ruca Malen is looking to make the holidays even more festive with their newest wine collection and possibly start a new holiday tradition. Unless, many of you already serve sangria at your holiday get-togethers and I’m just behind the times! I’ve always been a late-bloomer. 

“Aimé is a new wine collection inspired by simple, genuine experiences and a zest for life. Our inspiration: to offer wines that bring real enjoyment, wines that are made to be savored and shared in the Argentine way. The accent on Aimé symbolizes a wine that stands apart. We deliver a richness of flavor and pleasure that is the best companion to a life overflowing with friendship and good times.”  



For red wine sangria fans is their 2016 Aimé Ruca Malen Red Blend (Malbec, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot)  SRP $8.99

And for white sangria fans is their 2016 Aimé Ruca Malen Sweet Moscato   SRP$8.99

I’ve posted a couple recipes at the end of this post encase you want to make something more than fresh orange juice with that box of Christmas fruit you received from a kind relative. In the meantime, we go on holiday break tomorrow, so to celebrate we’ll be pairing a Christmas movie with a pitcher of sangria and Christmas cookies this evening. The movie choices are ‘Jingle All the Way’ with the very quotable actor, Sinbad, or ‘We’re No Angels’ and iconic Humphrey Bogart. I love Humphrey Bogart! 

Happy Holidays everyone! 


Here’s a quick recipe for red sangria for your next holiday gathering:

1Bottle Aimé Ruca Malen Red Blend

2 orange peels, 2 lime wedges, 2 lemon wedges, muddled

1 large blood orange, sliced into small wedges

12 fresh strawberries, 7 quartered, 5 whole

6 oz. Triple Sec 

Sparkling wine or Sparkling water to top

Pour wine into pitcher, add cut fruit and triple sec. Combine throughly. Chill and Enjoy!


For white sangria, here’s a handy recipe: 

1Bottle Aime Sweet Moscato

1 Granny Smith apple, cored and cut into small pieces

1/2 red apple, cored & cut into small pieces

1/2 cup pomegrante seeds

Sparkling Cider or sparkling water to top

Sprig of Mint

*The wines are media samples provided for Sangria day and all other rambling is my own.  Cheers!




  1. Recipes look great. I am a sucker for anything blood orange. Happy #SangriaDay to you!

  2. Sangria, cookies, and a Christmas movie – I’m in! What a great idea for welcoming the holidays. Cheers Allison!

  3. It does make sense… I mean, it is festive, but I’ve never thought to make it in December! Great post! Merry Christmas!

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