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Sunny London Welcome

Travel time really flew by quickly, no pun intended, and we were welcomed by beautiful sunny skies this morning as we landed in London.

To keep the jet lag at bay, our guides sent us on a 20 mile audio tour (with all the subway stairs I’m positive I’m not exaggerating) from Westminster to Piccadilly Circus with Buckingham Palace and Parliament in between.

So far both of my kids would like to move here! London is so vibrant and accessible! And filled with tourists so we aren’t sticking out too much!

Big Ben’s getting a makeover!


  1. My wife and daughters spent a week there earlier this year. They are still telling stories! Enjoy.

  2. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to more pictures and stories.

  3. Ben’s undergoing a face lift! That’s new. Have a great time!

  4. So glad to read an update and I look forward to seeing more. Enjoy every minute!

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